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School is taking up a quite a lot of time – thus the SilverSerpent network has had to suffer. A lot. :(
After Armageddon is as good as dead and I see no point in bringing it back to life before summer break is up and running at full speed. First of all we have no finished script to work with and second… I feel a strong urge to redo the website yet again and I don’t think I can work with the site before it has had a proper face lift.
(Don’t worry about the flash banner. It stays. Forever.) :lol:

As for the portfolio it should be updated with files and stuff. Things that actually show what I’m capable off – otherwise there’s no real reason to have a portfolio, is there? :S
WordPress wants to be updated too so I guess I’ll have to take a look at that. (In a few weeks.)
Once again school keeps breathing down my neck with things to do. Yikes, give me a break already! I’m tired! 8O

There are some things I’ve fixed around here though. :)
For one I’ve installed a spoiler-tag-thingy that makes it possible to hide content. Very useful. ;)
And secondly I’ve fixed the CSS for the background. In widescreen a white border appeared on both sides of the website. I fixed that. Now it looks totally cool again even on my new widescreen monitor. Yay me! ;)

That was all I had to share in today’s newsflash concerning Over and out.

Salve Quick

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And it’s done! Turned out… Okay, I guess. XD
I’m kinda satisfied actually. ;)