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The to-do-list is almost finished! Feels so good. :)
Updating WordPress was a bloody mess, to be honest. The plugins went nuts on me and it was a big fine mess for days. But now it’s done I hope WP won’t update again for a while. :P

Garden Fairy

I’ve also uploaded some new and old pictures to the gallery. This one is my latest creation, only days old actually.
It has lots of lovely details that won’t show up on this small picture, but if someone’s interested in seeing them just drop me a note. ;)

Today I’ve rewritten the entire SilverSerpent.net code. It was very much needed, if I say so. The original code was three years old and I didn’t know that much html back then.
It worked, yes, and looked good, yes, but the code was a mess. Yup. Fixed that now. Feels gooood. :D
Still… I let the old DreamWeaver code stay. I was too lazy to rewrite that part. Thus the page won’t validate because of some stupid JavaScript that’s not supposed to be in there, but I don’t care.
(I hate JavaScript, remember?) :lol:

Oh, and in further notes I’m thinking about getting a deviantART account. One I might actually update. Just have to figure out a name for it. Hmm… :S

That’s all from me tonight! Bye!