Major update!

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I’ve moved some stuff around. Now I can squeeze more things into every section. :evil:
So this is how it’ll be from now on. An art section, a design section and a photo section. All ready to be filled with more and more stuff.
I’ve uploaded new pictures into every section so take a look around. Or look right here for a small (small) sample. ;)

Mirror mirrorTonari no TotoroDahlia

It’s a toystory!

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I dedicate my room to Pikachu! <3
I wanted to do a big plush sitting in a corner some where as well, but then I decided this was enough. :roll:

Oh, and I didn’t do any apple. I made a spinning toy instead. (Well, it’s supposed to like one anyway.) ;)

Home sweet home

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The alien story has been greenlit! ;)
I’ve made a small storyboard – drawn by hand so don’t expect too much quality, but it’s fairly easy to understand what’s happening if you read the synopsis as well. I think. :hmm:
I’ve also made a drawing of how my little alien is supposed to look. He’s very cute, don’t you think? :gig:

(OBS! Synopsis in Swedish only!) :wai:
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