After Armageddon

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After Armageddon

Welcome AA readers!

Let me tell you about the way things are at the moment and why AA has sort of… died. XP

Yeah, I know, it’s a sad thing when an online comic dies. It happens sometimes and I hate when it happens. But most of all I miss my comic.
I miss having fun in the forum with the Loyal Hellhounds and I miss Cain and Joel. :(

So what happened? :?:
Real life caught up with me. University is doing its best to suck all life force out of me and sometimes I’m happy I get to sleep at least a few hours a night. (If it’s really bad I don’t get to sleep at all.) :P
Same thing has happened to Val. (Though I sincerely hope she gets more sleep than I do.) XD
She’s busy with her studies and that’s the way life goes, I guess. We all have to grow up some time. :(

When it comes to AA I really don’t want to drop the story because I think it’s a good plot and it could be turned into something really cool and good. However I simply don’t have the time. Maybe after I’ve finished my degree, but that’s in another year and a half so… Not anytime soon.

Secondly the AA site is a real bore to update. It’s all made in raw HTML code and I thought that was fun two years ago. Nowadays, not so much. I’d have to set up a new website with an admin interface before I’d be anywhere near wanting to update the AA site again.
This wouldn’t take much time, but there’s still the same old problem: I have no time!

Besides, I’m not even sure Val will have time to draw the comic anymore. And even if she did I wouldn’t settle for the old maybe-one-page-every-second-or-third-week-or-if-we’re-lucky-once-a-week-setting.
No, when I get back on working on AA – because I intend on doing so sooner or later – I want it to be done properly, efficiently, professionally.
It’s “only” three volumes. It shouldn’t take half a decade to finish.

So before I’ve sorted out how to get that done – maybe by actually paying someone to do the job – I won’t relaunch AA. I’m a well-organized person. I like to get things done and to finish them as soon as possible. I don’t feel like spending another four-five years working on such a small story. (Because AA is rather short when you compare it to other comics or mangas out there.)

So, bottom line here: AA is put on hold, yes. It’s not dead as in “will never be updated again”, but at the moment I have no way of working on it and thus AA will have to wait until I’ve come up with a plan how to finish it once and for all, and maybe even publish it. (Because honestly, that’s been the main goal for the last three years and I don’t see that happening – ever – unless there’s some major changes done to the way the comic is created.) :|

I’ve seen you talk about a mailing list in the tagboard. I can’t offer you one of those just yet, but if you want you can submit to a RSS feed from here that will tell you when something’s happening that has to do with AA.

Of course you’re all welcome to stick around this place and check out some of my efforts to build a portfolio. My blog is mainly in Swedish (because I believe I have mostly Swedish readers) but when there’s exciting things happening I post in both English and Swedish so… If you’re interested I’m always here. Ranting about what’s happening at university or somewhere else.

I hope this provided some answers for you. It became a really long post, I’m sorry, but then again… It’s been a whole year so I had a lot to say. ;)

Hope some of you will stay. Otherwise maybe we’ll see each other again once AA gets back on track.
Take care! <3 - The Evil Mastermind a.k.a. Maria


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It’s snowing. Actually snowing. Wow. It’s so pretty. :aww:
I love the feeling I get when it’s snowing. The sound of it, the smell of it. It’s simply lovely. <3
Makes me feel at peace somehow. :)

On a further note daddy’s computer broke down today. For about the eighth time. :evul:
I’ve fixed it now. Took all day. It was really boring. :P
But on the other hand it gave me time to read. Soon I’ve covered 400 pages of East End Murders and that feels more than a little good, I must say. :nod:
I miss being a book worm. I used to be a huge one before. (Before HV.) :eh:

Ah, well… I’m off to read some more and watch the pretty snow fall from my window. Good night. :)