Will’o’Wisp Wood

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Will'o'Wisp WoodThis is a WordPress theme I’ve made for Anna Högberg and her website: Mörkrets Väktare.

I’m quite proud of it actually. :D
This is the most advanced website design I’ve done so far, I think. Lots of bits and pieces of graphic that’s supposed to end up in the right position no matter what. Always very challenging. :hmm:
But alas, this one works in IE, FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari as far as I know. Anything less would be really bad of me. ;)

The words that inspired this design were “dark fairytale” as well as:

…beautiful in a dark way, and a place where you can find will’o’wisps and shadow creatures among mighty trees and enchanted ponds.

A rose before the coming of autumn

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Bloody Rose

Only one picture today. Something as classical as a wet rose.
It was raining really heavily when I took this picture – with an umbrella over my head and the camera. I added a few layer effects in Photoshop and the whole picture came alive.

I really like this picture. :)

Haunted Forest

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Here’s a little something I did a while ago for an art contest over at Catahya. (This picture won by the way.) ;)
I tried something new in this picture: I only used photos I’d taken myself. No external stocks were used.
The most common reason why I normally like to use stock images is because I can get my hands on exciting backgrounds that don’t exists in my own backyard.

Well, this might be a picture I’ve taken myself, but sure enough… The trees come from Italy – Florence to be more precise. The rest of the photos were however taken not even 100 meters from where I now sit, writing this.
Home produced! Yeah, feels good. :D

Haunted Forest Haunted Forest Details Haunted Forest Raw

Btw: I’ve changed the portfolio background color to a slightly less grey blue tint. Good? Bad? Let me know. :nod:

Some summer photos

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First out is the bumblebee, struggling with a Granny’s Nightcap (cool name) I think looks just like a petticoat. Maybe it’s the Fairy Queen’s, who knows. ;)
Secondly we have a perfectly natural and very beautiful greyscale picture. Pretty. <3
And last but not least we have a flesh eating plant called sundew. I really like the flower stalks unfurling. :D

Sunflower Dots

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Sunflower DotsA sunny, funny WordPress theme filled with warmth and joy. Inspired by the flag of Uganda and African dance.

This theme was designed for a school project about creating and distributing audio books in Uganda. The prototype website is called Share Your Story.
I don’t know if the website will be used or not, but the WP theme is nice nevertheless. ;)

For more information about the project, see my school blog Go Digital (OBS! Swedish). :)

Virtual charades

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This is a design I did some months ago for my classmate, David, and his blog Internet and identities. It’s called Virtual charades. (It’s in Swedish, but you might wanna check it out anyway). :D
The first design was blue and white, but David wanted something black/pink/turquoise instead so that’s what he got. :nod:
I like both versions in different ways. Which one do you like best? ;)

Development and music

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CD covers! :music:
I was just going to sort through them, but then I ended up in Photoshop somehow and started editing things. Now the whole series is complete. :D

My so called CD Collection is actually a little hobby project I have of making play lists with certain themes. Once the play list is long enough to fill a CD I make a cover for it. It’s jolly good fun, actually. ;)
I always write a small “poem” to accompany the design. It’s made up by the song titles on the album. It usually consists of 90% nonsense and 10% seriousness. :gig:

I made the first cover in 2007 (with some edits done today) so it’s rather nice to see how I’ve developed my cover style. I think the newest design, the one for Lullabies for the Wicked, is the nicest one so far. ;)