Spring, everywhere spring!

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I don’t have that many vast views to photograph around here so I usually end up crawling around the undergrowth. :gig:
This is what I found the last time I went searching for pretty things to take pictures of. ;)

I love flowers in the spring, I really do. :fairy:

”The earth is round, like an orange.”

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Fruity space

This was my contribution to the latest art contest over at Catahya.
It won. :D

Some say the moon is a cheese.
Some say it’s an orange.
I say it’s a lime. :!:

I’m very pleased with the colors. They look happy and… full of vitamins. :gig:

New WP theme: Apricot Breeze

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Spring is in the air and certainly in this WordPress theme I did for Martina Michal and her blog Blue Velvet. :D

Here’s a description of the theme: Just as sweet and soft as the fuzzy cheek of an apricot in a warm summer breeze. Fitting, right? :sun:

If someone out there still thinks all I can do is dark, fantasy designs – think again. ;)

Skolbloggen rider igen!

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Go Digital I och med C-uppsatsen har jag återupplivat min gamla skolblogg, Go Digital. :nod:
Tanken är att jag ska använda bloggen som en loggbok dels för mig själv och dels för att min handledare ska kunna hålla lite koll på vad jag gör/inte gör. :eh:
Där finns inte så mycket att läsa ännu, men det kommer förhoppningsvis lossna så småningom. Jag är mest glad att få använda stället igen. Jag hade glömt hur mycket jag tycker om grönt. :D

Buzzzzzy bee

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“Mom, don’t step on that crocus!”
“What crocus?” *looks around*
“That one. To the left by your shoe!”
“Wheeere?” *starts to stomp around*
*sigh* “The one you’re now standing on.”

Crocus bee

It was beautiful weather today. The first bees showed up. ;)
Happy Easter! :bunny:


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It’s very much spring outside and the birds are singing like crazy. :D
We feed the birds every year so a great deal of different birds comes to visit – so I can take pretty pictures of them! Moahaha! ;)

These are the last of my winter photos. Until next time. :3