Nature closeups

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I’ve entered as a voluntary test pilot of a Canon EOS 550D.
It will be very exciting to see how it goes. It would indeed be very nice to test a new camera. Thanks for the tip, Ann! :D
And what can be more appropriate in a post about photographing than to upload some new photos to the portfolio? It’s a lot of flowers – but okay all my pictures in the photo gallery are of plants or animals so that’s nothing new. :gig:
Anyway, here is a compote of black currants, bleeding-heart, plum tree flowers, forget-me-nots, anemones and white strawberries. Sounds yummy, right? ;)

More spring!

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It’s rather fun to crawl around the undergrowth to see what one can find now during the spring. There are a lot of pretty things down there. :nod:
I also had a photo session with a pied flycatcher that almost seemed to pose before the camera. Look how lovely he is! :D

Undersökning om boktrailers

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Undersökning om boktrailers

Min C-uppsats handlar om boktrailers och nu har jag gjort en undersökning, som ska ta reda på vad människor tycker och tänker om boktrailers. Alla som ser detta får gärna ge sig på att fylla i den. Klasskompisarna kan behöva ett avbrott, kanske? ;)
De som vill får även sprida den vidare till folk de tror kan tycka det skulle vara roligt att svara på frågor om sitt bokläsande. :nod:

Länk till undersökningen

18 years!

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Today was my bestest best friend’s birthday! 18 years.
Or… Some smart person has apparently figured out that one human year is the same as five cat years. That means he’s 90 years old now! :wow:
No matter the age, Tusse is my finest, most precious and sacred apple of my eye. Here’s a small collage in his honour. <3


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Oh, yeah… Sitta på golvet med datorburken uppskruvad för rengöring, ett stort glas Pepsi Max samt laptopen nära till hands medan man lyssnar på Iron Man OST:en…
Det slår allt C-uppsatsskrivande i världen! 8)