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I like Bambi, but when he’s in the garden eating the apple trees I’m not so happy. :P
And yes, I do know Bambi is a white-tailed deer in the movie, but that’s just because there are no roe deer in the US. In the original fairytale he’s a roe deer. ;)

Anyways. Took this picture Today. Through the bathroom window. I just looked out and there she/he was (bucks have horns, don’t they?), chewing on something from the garden. I was so mad… :evul:
But not mad enough to not run for the camera before I opened the window and scared Bambi off. :P

After my close-Bambi-encounter I spent 8 hours building a long frigging snow wall around the garden. The snow is frozen enough to make blocks out of and hopefully nothing can get in now, be it hares or roe deer… They’ve already ruined the youngest apple tree. :cry:

While I was working I saw the same man walk his dog past me on the road about seven times during the day. I wonder what he was thinking I was doing, building my big wall… :lol:
I on the other hand wonder if he had nothing else to do but walk his dog all day… :gig:

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