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A while back I did these bookmarks for Catahya. They’re meant to represent different genres that falls beneath the Catahya raven’s wings of protection. ;)
Briar RavensHaunted RavenSnow RavenSpace RavenSteampunk Raven
First out is a classical fairytale theme with briars. Then we have the spooky horror bookmark followed by a raven in the snow that doesn’t have a genre really, but lampposts in the snow is very much Narnia to me so maybe it can be the average fantasy mark. :gig:
The forth bookmark is set out in space and represents sci-fi. No questions there, I’m sure. And then the last one which is a steampunk mark. I don’t really know if it’s a big genre or not, but I really wanted to make something steampunkish. 8)

Catahya will use the bookmarks as marketing and a bunch have already ended up in libraries here and there in the country. That’s neat. :D
Here’s a photo of how they look in real life:

4 Responses to “Catahya bookmarks”

  1. Ann Nilsson Says:

    Ohhhhh…jag älskkkkkaaaar bokmärken…. <3
    Gud, vad fina de är!!!
    Must have! (du kanske "råkar" lägga en i boken du lånar :?: och såklart även läser från pärm till pärm :gig: )…

  2. \m/ Says:

    Det kan mycket väl slinka ner ett och annat bokmärke i den boken när den ska tillbaka till sin rättmätiga ägare. ;)
    Och såååklart *host* läser jag den från pärm till pärm! :read:
    Antyder du något annat, Ann? :gig:

  3. Maria Says:

    Bäst. :)

  4. Alex Says:

    Riiiktigt snygga! ^___^

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