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The post that should have been “More autumn – Part 2” became a post with an animal theme instead. Here is a mix of what runs, crawls and flies around my home. ;)

I chased the blackbird with the camera for days before I got a good shot. It’s a very shy bird and I tried to catch one (not sure if it’s the same bird) on camera with the red berries already last year and failed. But not this time! :go:

The cats tagged along this time too (because they are too lovely to not take pictures of). :pet:
The picture of Gizmo is the first one I’ve uploaded that is shot inside the house in the photo category. It’s always harder to get a nice picture of Gizmo than the other two. He is the clown in the group and he feels much more at ease fooling around than posing before the camera. :gig:

The little grass snake has to be mentioned too because it’s a bit exotic. It’s very seldom that I find snakes around the house. Poisonous or not – I can tell you that the pulse picks up speed when a snake hisses at you, even if it’s a small snake. :phew:

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