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Alright, I’ve sorted through all the 500+ picures that followed me home from France and this is what I chose to show to the world. The pictures are not really in chronological order, but I’ve tried to sort them into groups that fit together. Enjoy. 8)

Notre Dame

Not really like the Disney movie, but still impressive. Who doesn’t like a bunch of gargoyles? :D


I liked it up there, I think. It was cosy. The only thing we missed (if you ask me) was the fact that the cemetary was closed when we got there. The little bits and pieces we could see were however among the creepiest and coolest I’ve every seen when it comes to a cemetary. :O
Unfortunatly I didn’t get that good pictures. :meh:

Musée du Louvre

It was sooo BIG. We didn’t go in, but we walked all the way to the Arc de Triomphe. It was a looooong walk. :eh:


A church. And what a church it is. Very beautiful, really. We went up some winding stairs and then we came out and saw this. It was like: Wow! :wow:

Les Invalides

We found the grave of Napoleon. It was… Well, I don’t know what to say, really. It was too much and at the same time it was cool in a morbid kind of way. :O

Other pictures from Paris.

Including the Eiffel tower and other things I found interesting. ;)

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  1. Fredrik Says:

    Jepp finns minst sagt mycket att se i Paris :) Ville bara haka på och konstatera det :P

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