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So here are some more Maya pictures. I didn’t find last week’s exercises rather inspiring – making random spheres with different textures just doesn’t do it for me. Sorry. :P
Instead I more or less combined last week’s exercise with this week’s. Turned out a little more interesting. ;)

I didn’t really know what to make of this exercise so I just fooled around some, trying different lights and so on. This is how it turned out. Not too bad, but of course it depends on what you like. :|

Light house
I really liked this one. Light houses are exciting, I think. :gig:
I added some ocean, a moon and a background and it came out quite eerie and nice. Used bump map for the island and water texture for the ocean.

Perfume/logotype/glowing orbs
I started with the perfume bottle-exercise but then Maya started crashing and nothing wanted to go my way so I got a frightful headache and wanted to throw the whole thing in the garbage bin. :swoon:
But I didn’t. After some sleep I continued and decided I didn’t want to make three different bottles, I just made one. I then used the bottle as a logo and tried the moving light a bit. It was okay, but I didn’t make a screen shot of it. It wasn’t that funny. :eh:

Then I played around with the eye exercise from last week, added a crystal ball and some orbs. Instead of a chess board I made a lovely marble floor. The reflection of the wallpaper looks very nice, I think. :D
I also made a puddle of blood instead of the treasure map. :devil:
Then I wanted to make some kind of dagger, knife or something, but I tried it and it just didn’t look good fast enough so I found a sword online (The3dStudio.com) that I transformed into a small knife and added texture to. :roll:
And that’s about it. It took me most of today to finish the piece and I kinda like it, actually. (Thus I rendered a big version in high quality. Nice and shiny!) :D

Short note about UV’s. I’m one of those geeks that once sat around and made my own textures for The Sims and The Sims 2. What I’m saying is: I know how it works and how it’s done, but I really don’t feel like spending more time in Maya at the moment. ;)

3 Responses to “Texture and light”

  1. Lina Says:

    Kanske brist på entusiasm men vad gör det när du får såna resultat. :)
    Killer parfym!

  2. \m/ Says:

    Hehe, tack. Var ett par gånger där som jag tänkte att det inte var någon parfymflaska utan snarare “äkta” gift. ;)

  3. rebecka Says:

    Hej! Tackar för den fina kommentaren. Jo men jag har nog bestämt mig för att riktia in mig helt och mest på 3d från och med nu. Upptäckte en talang..;) hehe…

    Fyren va snygg tycke rjag som du har gjort! Månen va ju snyggt upplyst, det ska jag också snart göra den uppgiften, har dock inte hunnit det än, men det kommer. Det e jäkligt kul med ljussättnignen tycke rjag.

    kram på dig ses på månag

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